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Press release

Bain & Company and Prysm Group announce collaboration to expand corporate learning on web3 and emerging technologies

Bain & Company and Prysm Group announce collaboration to expand corporate learning on web3 and emerging technologies

The collaboration pairs Bain’s extensive experience and network with Prysm Group’s research and innovation

  • 04.10.2022
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Press release

Bain & Company and Prysm Group announce collaboration to expand corporate learning on web3 and emerging technologies

BOSTON—October 4, 2022— Bain & Company, a top global management consultancy, and Prysm Group, a leading economic consulting and corporate education firm, have announced a collaboration to expand corporate learning on web3 and emerging technologies. By leveraging Bain’s extensive consulting network and industry insight, Prysm Group will further refine the strategic messaging used within its executive education program delivered in collaboration with the Wharton School.

“By enrolling in Prysm Group’s web3 programs with Wharton, business leaders can establish a valuable level of knowledge in just six weeks, per course,” said Richard Walker, web3 and metaverse partner within Bain’s Financial Services practice. “Such courses will allow leaders to engage more effectively and to better act upon recommendations surrounding technology. While organizational innovation and translation is critical, its implementation can be hard; we value the opportunity to provide a trusted source of truth to build knowledge and establish alignment within organizations.”

For many organizations, the topic of emerging technologies is top of mind. Those same organizations, however, have expressed challenges relating to their ability to effectively evaluate the cost benefits of adopting a particular technology and subsequently determine the business models needed for successful adoption.

“There is a costly gap between an organization’s interest in staying at the forefront of emerging technologies and one’s ability to do so,” said Reed Cataldo, founding partner at Prysm Group. “Due to the ever-evolving nature of the subject, sourcing and distributing timely, trustful information at scale on an ongoing basis is a major pain point. This creates issues when implementing top-down management goals to capture future value for a firm. Through our Snippet Learning™ methodology, we leverage thousands of hours of research and consulting engagements to produce easily digestible information consumed in learning bites of 30 minutes or less, allowing for company-wide organizational change.”

Bain seeks to push the limits of the industry by supplying Prysm Group with invaluable insights from emerging technology efforts. In turn, Bain will leverage Prysm Group’s Wharton Executive Education programs on blockchain and digital assets, and the metaverse to help develop the managerial capabilities of its clients at scale, and to help them execute technology plans for their businesses, giving them a competitive advantage.

Media Contact: Dan Pinkney, Bain & Company, tel: +1 646 562 8102, dan.pinkney@bain.com

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