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Executive Programs

Executive Programs

When it comes to talent, leaders agree on two things: It’s precious, and it’s scarce.  That’s why we created Executive Programs. Through our work with many of the world’s top companies we have seen first-hand the talent challenges our clients face. So we’ve developed a unique leadership training program that equips next-generation senior executives with a “CEO toolkit” that can be customized to meet the needs of their particular market environment.

Inside our Executive Programs

Inside our Executive Programs

Bain Academy's Executive Programs have been carefully designed to provide high-potential CEO talent with an immersive, multi-session development program taught by leading experts in our global partner network. The program is offered in several locations around the world, and is expanding both in geographic scope and breadth of training offered.

Participants are typically senior/mid-career executives tracking to reach top leadership positions in the next two to three years. Participants must be nominated by a senior leader within their organizations, be open to coaching and career development, and able to commit the time and effort needed to complete the program. An application process that may include an interview will help ensure a good fit between the participant and the planned Academy session.

Although Bain Academy's programs are highly customizable, at least 50% of the content will focus on essential general-management skills chosen from a list of available modules, and the balance on specific topics, such as industries, capabilities, local issues, and a variety of business trends. The curriculum can be jointly determined by the sponsoring organizations and the Bain Academy team.

Pillars of the Program

Pillars of the Program

At the heart of every Executive Program is a commitment to three essential areas of expertise that next-generation leaders need to master.

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Strategy and Change Management

Learn how to develop breakthrough strategies that enable your organization to reach its full potential, and understand the key moves that enable a company to execute its strategy, engage its employees, maintain momentum and build the skills of in-house teams so the gains can be maintained and extended.

Digital Transformation and Innovation

Develop a digital strategy and adopt a pragmatic approach to competing in an increasingly digital future. Learn how to approach digital initiatives as a series of waves and stepping stones, enabling you to achieve quick wins today as you chart a sure but flexible path toward your digital vision.

Self Leadership & Team Development

Build effectiveness as a leader to consistently achieve successful outcomes. Establish own inspirational leadership style. Gear self and team motivation towards long-term success and maintain high levels of energy and purpose. Understand self and team to get the best out of direct reports.