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Enterprise Technology

Enterprise Technology

Technology matters—more than ever, in fact. It’s what supports your strategy, fuels your differentiation and propels your transformation.  Yet only one in four companies say their technology capabilities align with their business needs, and fewer than one in ten qualifies as a true technology leader. We can help you rethink your technology capability from end to end, to make it what it should be: the engine of your success.

Bain Enterprise Technology helps you transform technology and become faster, more agile and more responsive to changing business needs, no matter what your starting point may be.

Our Enterprise Technology expertise enables you to:

  • Translate your business ambition into a clear technology strategy and identify the specific requirements needed to turn that strategy into results
  • Modernize your systems and architecture with a detailed roadmap grounded in your unique needs
  • Embrace modern operating models and ways of working to increase productivity, quality and efficiency
  • Align your technology investments with your strategic priorities and implement a virtuous and dependable funding model
  • Make technology a source of M&A success
  • Plan a migration strategy with confidence while mitigating risks


Digital Delivery

Accelerate your innovation and transformation with a fully integrated suite of capabilities that puts digital at the heart of everything you do.

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Our Approach

Our Approach

At Bain, we value technology as an integral and potentially differentiating component of a business. We help clients transform their organizations; enabling holistic digital strategies to catch up with consumer demands, maximizing value in turnaround situations and ultimately, developing technology operating models that make organizations more agile.

Our technology projects start with business strategy. We believe that a company’s corporate strategy both guides and is influenced by its technological capabilities. Our industry experts take a unique approach to engagements by working with business leaders to initially understand corporate goals and then determine what technological capabilities, systems and support they require to succeed.

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