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Technology Delivery Assurance

Gain a new level of confidence that your large-scale tech transformation projects will succeed. Our structured approach helps you anticipate issues, mitigate risks, and make the right decisions to achieve your goals.

Most large technology transformations struggle to deliver the anticipated results. In a recent survey we found that only 12% of companies said they achieved or exceeded the ambition they set for their program. More often they encounter disappointment as delays and prohibitive costs diminish the potential benefits.

Technology Delivery Assurance solves this all-too-common problem by providing a comprehensive health check across 22 dimensions, ensuring a constant bridge to strategy, effective C-level communication and prompt issue resolution through high-impact interventions.

We help you balance core IT challenges (vendor selection, system customization, technology procurement and system rollout) with the equally critical business imperatives of process redesign, organization design, incentive realignment and training.

Technology Delivery Assurance is a repeatable, evidence-based approach that provides:

  • An independent and strategic viewpoint—We are vendor– and system-integrator–agnostic; we focus only on achieving your strategic objectives.
  • A constant bridge between your transformation initiative and your business strategy—We combine strategic vision (addressing the what and why) with delivery excellence (the how).
  • Fact-based recommendations—We work closely with the delivery teams, using surveys and stakeholder interviews to analyze risks and root causes of problems.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Client Results

Client Results


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