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How we can help


As cybercrime becomes ever more prevalent—by 2021 it will account for $6 trillion in losses, making it more profitable than the entire global trade in illegal drugs—C-suite leaders have an opportunity to redefine how their companies approach this critical issue. Today, most companies simply allocate a set percentage of revenue or the IT budget to security, without assessing their true needs. They deploy a hodge-podge of technologies with little sense of what good actually looks like. Fewer than 40% of companies follow best practices, yet, despite acknowledging this, most companies regard themselves as adequately secure.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

We collaborate closely with you to define and implement the actions that will enable you to reach your target cybersecurity maturity level. And we conduct regular health checks to make sure you remain resilient as technology—and the nature of cyberattacks—evolve. 

We are uniquely positioned to help you achieve cyber resilience because our expertise spans technology, organizational design, training, and more. We work with companies in many industries to solve a wide range of cybersecurity and cyber resilience challenges.  


Understanding the Challenge


To effectively combat the alarming rise in cybercrime companies should focus on “cyber resilience,” an effective, multi-faceted approach that spans four pillars: governance, processes, organization and technology. Our Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment assesses your company on 20 strategic capabilities essential to good cybersecurity. Armed with this detailed, clear-eyed assessment of where you stand today you can move forward at speed to make your organization truly cyber resilient.

We also work closely with telecom, technology hardware and software companies and service providers to develop product strategies and go-to-market plans.  

And, our Cybersecurity Commercial Due Diligence expertise has enabled private equity firms and other investors to gain a clear understanding of the differentiation of the target cybersecurity company, its overall competitive landscape, emerging customer needs and demand implications of key trends. Over the past decade we have worked on more than 110 private equity due diligence projects involving cybersecurity product and services vendors, with the aggregate value of those deals surpassing $15 billion. 

Our core areas of focus include: 

Enterprise Technology

Our cybersecurity expertise is augmented and enhanced by our deep experience helping organizations address a broad range of enterprise technology issues, from digital transformation to systems architecture, cloud computing, organizational design, training and more. 

Industry Advisory

We work with telcos, cybersecurity solutions providers, and related technology vendors on a wide range of strategy and operational issues, including how to define and implement cybersecurity solutions and effectively take them to market.  

Private Equity

We are the leading consulting partner to the private equity industry, with a global practice more than three times larger than any competitor. We do significant work in evaluating cybersecurity on behalf of clients across many industries, which gives us a deep understanding of key developments, emerging vulnerabilities and best practices. 


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