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What Delights and Disappoints Electricity Customers

To improve customer experience, utility executives are learning which interactions leave customers happy or frustrated.

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What Delights and Disappoints Electricity Customers

Until a few years ago, most US households had only one choice for buying electricity: their local utility. Now that more electricity customers can choose among providers, utilities need to understand what makes customers happy or leaves them frustrated. A close analysis of customer interactions shows which ones matter most—and can help utility executives decide where to invest to improve customer experience.

Corrie Carrigan and Chris Jarrett are partners with Bain & Company’s Customer Strategy & Marketing practice; they are based in Chicago and Atlanta, respectively. Pratap Mukharji is a partner with Bain’s Utilities & Renewables practice. He is also based in Atlanta. Michael Short is a Bain principal with the Energy & Natural Resources practice, and he is based in Houston.

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