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Customer Experience Tools

Bet Big on Just a Few Customer Experience Tools

It's best to invest in a handful of tools rather than to dabble in a broad range.

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Bet Big on Just a Few Customer Experience Tools
Bet Big on Just a Few Customer Experience Tools

When selecting from the broad range of customer experience tools available, one strategy is critical: Go all in. Bain & Company’s new global survey of executives at more than 700 companies provides clear evidence that the best outcomes result from major efforts and investment in a handful of tools, not from dabbling in a broad range of tools. For each of the 20 tools we assessed, we asked how a company implemented it; major adoption efforts yield, on average, much higher satisfaction rates than limited efforts—and this applies to every tool. Companies that reap the greatest benefits embed the tool in their operations and ways of working, rather than bolting it on as a separate project or through a separate team.

Gerard du Toit, Andreas Dullweber and Richard Hatherall are partners with Bain & Company’s Customer Strategy & Marketing practice. They are based, respectively, in Boston, Munich and Hong Kong.

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