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In Partnership with Hive

Mensio by Bain Media Lab

Mensio by Bain Media Lab

Mensio by Bain Media Lab

Who did we reach? How did they behave? What really works? For years broadcasters and marketers have struggled to answer those questions for the $60+ billion spent on US TV advertising and sponsorships. Mensio by Bain Media Lab, developed in partnership with AI pioneer Hive, provides the answers with "digital like" measurement and attribution.

What Mensio Can Do For You

What Mensio Can Do For You

Mensio provides brands and their agencies with always-on, “digital-like” measurement and attribution of TV advertising and sponsorships through a point-and-click dashboard and related custom services.

Mensio helps buyers address critical objectives including: 

1. Find and reach custom audiences 


2. Measure and grow business outcomes 


3. Identify and realize efficiencies

Mensio enables network owners and sports leagues to reclaim the narrative on effectiveness, powered by tools that help to defend and grow advertising and sponsorship revenue.

Media companies are using Mensio to enable:

1. Consultative, Insights-Led Sales Enablement

Real-time competitive intelligence

Scalable insights for more than 1,000 brands to share with advertisers and sponsors

Attribution studies on advertising and/or sponsorships, using the broadest set of outcome metrics available in the industry.

2. Computer Vision-Enabled Product Innovation

Sponsorship / branded content asset optimization and whitespace

Contextual advertising data feeds, and programming optimization

Why Mensio is Different

Why Mensio is Different

Mensio was developed to be different – because that is what our clients were asking for. The industry’s aspirations for the measurement and attribution of TV advertising and sponsorships outstretch the current capabilities of “incumbent disruptors”, who vary in their data quality, rigor of methodology, and industry expertise.

  • More than ads

    Measure traditional ad units, plus sponsorship placements, branded content integrations, & earned media

    The only platform that can measure combined reach inclusive of traditional units and logo exposures in content, as well as perform attribution of outcomes from sponsorship placements

  • Data scale and quality

    Largest third-party viewership dataset (~20M U.S. HHs), including both set-top box and Smart TV data

    Broadest set of 1:1 outcomes datasets, including direct integration with Visa for credit card purchases

  • Always-on intelligence & attribution

    Always-on dashboard enables real-time intelligence and in-campaign measurement and optimization

    Scalable, low cost attribution solution

  • Best of Bain + Hive

    Hive contributes proprietary content metadata, and privileged access to best-in-class viewership and outcomes datasets

    Bain brings decades of experience working with clients on both sides of the table, and broader connectivity to strategic context and C-level execs

How Mensio Works

How Mensio Works

Mensio integrates content, consumption and outcomes to provide "digital-like" intelligence, measurement and attribution for buyers and sellers of TV advertising and sponsorship.

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