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Software Development Excellence

Aligning your product management and engineering organization with your firm’s vision and strategy is the surest route to sustained value creation.

Software Development Excellence

In software product development, the best-in-class companies always know how to align their engineering resources strategically, with well-defined roles for leaders and effective methods of prioritization. Increasingly, digital leaders need to bring their A game to product management and engineering—not just in software but in hardware, semiconductors, automotive, healthcare, and financial services.

With growth comes complexity. As your company’s portfolio expands, so does the difficulty of balancing your next-generation investments with frequent updates to legacy products. Too often, oversubscribed engineers move from project to project at the expense of productivity and effectiveness. To avoid this trap, leaders must maintain clear links between strategy and portfolio decisions. This means optimizing R&D investments, monitoring outcomes, allocating talent, and managing it. Our deep software engineering consulting expertise helps companies achieve these critical aims.

We have worked with every kind of tech company to align their investments with their financial and corporate strategies. We’ll show you how to shape your portfolio through standardized investment criteria that enable prioritization of the work and effective delivery. Our research proves that firms with efficient development practices outperform on the Rule of 40.

We start by evaluating your company’s performance on what we’ve identified as more than 50 critical characteristics of best-in-class product development. Using our proprietary database, which was built upon a survey of more than 400 diverse software companies, we’ll provide a detailed assessment and quantify the commercial advantages that improvements can bring.

From there, we’ll chart a transformation roadmap and work collaboratively with you to embed a new rigor and level of excellence to your product development. Whether it’s portfolio management, your talent operating model, engineering execution, cost optimization, or assurance about your major programs, or all of these, we can help. You’ll make data-driven portfolio decisions that fully consider the trade-offs, timing constraints, and support for your overall strategy.

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