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Doing Agile Right

Ask the Authors

Ask the Authors

The Doing Agile Right author team would love to hear from you. The authors will answer your questions here on the website. Challenging questions are encouraged!

Agile Strategy

Agile Strategy

Q. How are companies doing Agile wrong? Read more


Q. Purposes and values are the very core existential identity of company's being. Shouldn’t its purpose be critically scrutinized? Read more


Q. How do you plan and budget using Agile in a world of unpredictable and accelerating change? Read more


Q. Why is the customer so important in Agile? Read more


Q. Does Agile help in a crisis? Read more


Q: How do we know how Agile we need to be? Read more

Agile Leadership

Agile Leadership

Q. What does an Agile leadership team actually do? Read more


Q. While scaling an Agile transformation within our company, our leaders’ roles within the new organization have become more challenging for them. What is your view on that? Read more


Q. Why is it so hard to do Agile right, and why is it especially hard for executives to grasp what Agile is? Read more

Agile Teams

Agile Teams

Q. On the “taxonomy of teams” concept, does that primarily apply to customer-focused innovation functions?  Read more


Q. Why are Agile tech teams' results so often disappointing? Read more


Q. When is it the right time to break a team up into smaller Agile teams? Read more

Agile Approach

Agile Approach

Q. How could we effectively use Agile to move a technology platform from legacy to new infrastructure?  Read more


Q. How do we align Agile successfully with the more traditional process management expectations within the public sector?  Read more


Q. Is there any way of splitting the user stories vertically in smaller splits?  Read more


Q. How can we ensure that the teammate behind that idea receives proper feedback and closure? Read more


Q. In the public sector, how do you square distributed autonomy and learning from failure with public scrutiny and political accountability? Read more


Q. How can Agile be adapted for human resources activity, and how do we demonstrate and measure the outcomes? Read more


Q. Is it possible to adopt and embrace select Agile principles within the current ways of working? Read more


Q. Is the user story assigned to the scrum master for tracking purposes only? Read more


Q. How can low, middle or regular employees show the value of Agile mindset for large organizations? Read more


Q: Can adopting Agile ways of working at different levels in an organization help it better steer through the pandemic’s chaos? Read more

Agile Q&A

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