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Beyond the Bio Podcast

Why We Stand on Practical Decision Making

Connie Kwok, an Expert Partner in our Singapore office, was taught practicality early on and made career decisions based on this approach. After studying at Oxford and the London School of Economics, she joined Bain as an associate consultant in 2004. She’d later gain experience outside of the firm working with world-renowned restauranteur, Alan Yau, and Amazon before returning to Bain to lead in our Retail practice. Embodying our Operating Principle, “Practical and at Cause,” Connie joins us to share how she’s applied this principle throughout her career.


Why We Stand on Practical Decision Making

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Connie Kwok, an Expert Partner based in our Singapore office, had practicality instilled in her at an early age. Born in Hong Kong, she moved to the UK at the age of 7 due to her father’s engineering job. Unsure of what career route to take, her father would encourage her to make practical decisions about her career, leading her to pursue her education at Oxford and London School of Economics before joining Bain as an associate consultant in 2004.

After gaining experience at Bain, Connie seized the opportunity to work with Alan Yau, a world-renowned restaurateur, where she played a key role in developing the first Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant in Europe. This experience in the restaurant industry provided her with valuable insights and skills. Connie later transitioned to Amazon, where she gained expertise in e-commerce, digital innovation, automation, and strategic partnerships. Now, as an Expert Partner in Bain's Retail practice, Connie leverages her diverse background and practical decision-making skills to drive success and innovation in the retail sector.

As we continue our series on our Operating Principles, Connie joins us to discuss the principle, “Practical and at Cause.” You’ll not only hear Connie’s journey to Bain, but she’s lived this principle throughout her career.


Beyond the Bio Podcast

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