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Circular Transformation of Industries: Unlocking New Value in a Resource-Constrained World

Our linear economy imperils global prosperity. Resource consumption levels are not sustainable. How can the world meet the growing demand for goods with fewer resources and in a more sustainable and efficient way? The circular transformation of industries is a critical part of the solution.

Circular supply chains and business models can help power robust growth in a resource-constrained world. Circular practices, such as recovering resources and regenerating materials, build more resilient, resource-efficient, closed-loop supply chains that bolster sustainability.

However, transforming supply chains and business models is no easy task. Over the past 20 years, companies have largely failed to scale their circular initiatives. Often, they were too narrowly defined in scope and focused on incremental changes.

The circular transformation of industries can help companies unlock productivity, innovation, and sustainability, but will require systemic change within and beyond the four walls of organizations, including government, academia, and civil society. This briefing paper by Bain and The World Economic Forum takes an in-depth look at the actions needed to accelerate the circular transformation of industries.

Read the full report at World Economic Forum.


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