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We welcome undergraduate and graduate students in their second year and up to join us for a case study workshop where you’ll experience management consulting firsthand. You’ll get to work with a diverse team, complete a sustainability-focused project, and figure out if this career is for you.

Prepare for your future

This program aims to help you accelerate your career by working through an international case study in an intensive workshop with a team. In addition, you’ll attend dinners and socials to meet peers across the region and experience the city. If you’re curious about a career as a consultant at Bain, this is a detailed look.

Build your community

Eligibility & Timeline

This program is for university students from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

This program is for qualifying undergraduate and graduate students from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa with a strong academic background, sharp analytical skills, and an interest in making a positive impact through their work.

This year, Bainworks will be held on October 20-22, 2023. You can apply during the summer. The next deadline is September 10th, 2023.

Application Information

University students from all fields of study with strong academic backgrounds, exceptional personalities, sharp analytical skills and the drive to make an impact are encouraged to apply. Choose only one office preference 100% for the country you would like to apply with.

Application deadline: September 10th, 2023, Apply now

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know

  • In what language will the event be held? 

    This event will be held in English, to accommodate participants from a wide range of countries.

  • Which country should I apply to? 

    Please select the office that you are most interested in and apply with them, and only apply to one office at a time. Please note that some countries will require fluency in the local language.

    • For Spain, you must be fluent in Spanish
    • For Poland, you must be fluent in Polish


  • If I’m a CEMS student, can I also apply?

    CEMS students starting their CEMS MIM in fall 2023 in any EMEA country are welcome to apply.


    Application Requirements

    • Candidate qualifications: All incoming students starting their CEMS MIM in fall 2023.
    • Include your CV, university transcripts and a cover letter describing your motivations and what you want to learn from Bainworks and what your contributions to this event would be.
    • In the online application form, to the “Which best describes your field of study”, please add “CEMS”. You can select any Bain EMEA office (100%) as Office preference 1.

    Please send us your application here.

  • What costs will I incur by participating? 

    Bain will cover all costs associated with joining this event. 

  • Does an invitation to the event qualify me for an internship or full-time position? 

    It does not. However, it is a wonderful first step toward better understanding management consulting, and how to apply.


  • If I’m rejected from Bainworks, am I also rejected from applying to other positions? 

    Not at all. If you aren’t accepted into Bainworks, we encourage you to still apply to other positions. For similar questions, please reach us at bainworks@bain.com

  • What does the case study consist of? 

    The case study is a simulation of real work we’ve done for one of our clients. It’ll give you a snapshot into the nature of our work and how strategy consultants spend their time. It won’t require any specific knowledge beyond what’s provided to you in preparation.

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