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Supply Chain & Operations Decarbonization

Unlock stronger financial performance by harnessing the power of sustainability with our global experts, cutting-edge capabilities, and strategic partnerships. 

Supply Chain & Operations Decarbonization

When done right, decarbonizing your operations and supply chain not only benefits the environment but can also improve your company’s bottom- and top-line performances. We’ve worked with leading companies to execute this change across more than a dozen industries. Our experienced teams help you identify and implement actions that matter for carbon reduction.

Scopes 1 and 2

Our Scope 1 and 2 offerings range from rapid diagnostics to detailed carbon value-creation plans. Proprietary benchmarks and carbon-reduction levers help you set targets and pinpoint the most important areas of improvement. Our value-creation approach saves your company money while reducing its carbon footprint.

Upstream Scope 3

Addressing upstream Scope 3 emissions demands new levels of cooperation among procurement and other functions, as well as with suppliers and partners. Balancing trade-offs between carbon reduction, profit margins, resilience, and other factors is key to crafting a viable sustainability transition plan. We can work with you on a plan that includes supplier emissions measurements, data-driven target-setting, a detailed roadmap, and a low-carbon value chain monetization plan. 

Whether you seek a rapid diagnostic to determine potential reduction options or a complete decarbonization transformation, all with a focus on cost and revenue enhancement, we can assist you in developing a clear set of priority actions and a full understanding of financial implications. You’ll accelerate overall progress toward net-zero and make your company’s greenhouse gas abatement programs a point of resilience and competitive advantage.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

Our work with leading companies in the complex sustainability environment enables us to address your needs and deliver world-class results. Through these unique partnerships, we can offer the latest solutions so you can stay ahead of the ESG curve with state-of-the-art digital platforms across carbon accounting, carbon credit ratings, ESG ratings, and physical climate risks. Learn more about how these partners help us create value for your company.


Our Supply Chain and Operations Decarbonization Team

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