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Device Sensor

Device sensors detect motion, sound, temperature and other characteristics; translate that information into an electrical signal; and communicate it to a system or a platform.

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Demand for secure and reliable sensors is climbing as Internet of Things (IoT) applications and the number of smart machines and connected devices increase. Sensors are a disrupting technology in many industries, fueling new revenue streams, customer stickiness and new cost savings. Sensors can help service companies that previously reacted to customer calls become proactive, addressing  problems before customers report them.

Customer Experience Tools and Trends: Device sensor


How companies use device sensors

  • Customer interaction automation. Companies use sensors to gather real-time data about their interactions with customers on the spot.
  • Location navigation. Service companies provide users with real-time information and appropriate services based on their location and surrounding environment. This application is critical in a wide array of industries, from automotive and retail to gaming.
  • Industrial applications. Digital sensors and controllers optimize production and control plant operations across many industrial goods and services sectors.
  • Security and authentication. Companies use sensors to develop secure user profiles that support customer identification and transactions, sometimes in conjunction with biometric tools.

Key considerations

Concerns about data security, cost, integration and device compatibility remain barriers to adoption.

  • Clarify the use case. Not everything can be measured by a sensor, because the sensor may not always record quality data.
  • Choose the technology carefully. There are no uniform standards for machine sensors today, making interoperability and integration difficult.
  • Establish rigorous security protocols. The IoT connects a host of devices that, if hijacked, could harm people and property. Security and data privacy are critical for companies implementing sensors.

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