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Adrienne Medina


Prior to Bain, I trained as a classical singer as an undergraduate, completed a dual MBA/MS in information systems, and worked in a small consulting firm running their knowledge management program.

Bain’s pace is amazing. The idea of One Bain—everyone working together to quickly and thoroughly achieve results for our clients—is a really great thing to be a part of. I learn something new every day at work, from engaging with case managers about recent work with their clients to learning how to position a document for the right audience.

"Somehow, Bain has figured out the magic sauce of finding and hiring people who are simultaneously warm, thoughtful and collaborative, as well as brilliant, action-oriented and results driven."

I come to work every day knowing that I am part of a community that cares about my happiness and my career path.

Soon after I joined Bain, my manager encouraged me to carve my own path "beyond the job description" and to take on opportunities to contribute in ways I never would have expected. From collaborating with marketing to update our practice pages, to engaging one on one with partners to support the development of product IP, every day has been a new and truly enriching experience. Being able to take ownership and shape my own experience here has been incredibly satisfying. I recently expressed an interest in learning how to rock climb, and I found a community of Bain climbers who are happy to join me in venturing out to boulder!