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Jacek Poświata


Over 25 years of consulting experience throughout Western and Eastern Europe, Canada and the United States, primarily focused in private equity and strategy




  • Managing partner of Bain Poland and CEE
  • Member of Polish Business Roundtable

Jacek Poświata is the managing partner of Bain's Poland and CEE offices, and a leader in the firm's Private Equity and Strategy practices.

Jacek primarily works with private equity clients, such as private equity funds and family offices, on topics including commercial due diligence and firm strategy.

Jacek has additional experience across industries including chemicals, utilities, energy, banking, retail, healthcare and consumer products, as well as in advising national and local governments in Poland and Eastern Europe. He holds deep expertise in business unit strategy, value creation plans, core growth, customer strategy & marketing, performance improvement, sustained cost transformation, M&A and organization.

Outside of Bain, Jacek is a member of the highly-regarded Polish Business Roundtable (PRB). He has also spoken on company strategy and transformation as well as corporate governance at the Economic Forum in Krynica and other major events.

Prior to joining Bain in 2012, Jacek was a partner and managing director for an American consulting firm in Poland. He also led the firm's expansion into private equity and public sector work in Poland and Eastern Europe.

Jacek studied at the Warsaw School of Economics and earned an MBA from Columbia Business School.

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