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Karim Chehade

Младший партнер,



Karim Chehade is a member of the Consumer Products practice.

He has experience serving a wide range of clients across Strategy, Performance Improvement and Transformation programs. Karim has also led multiple cases in our Public Sector practice, serving different government entities, both in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, across different topics such as culture, education and employment.

Beyond his client work, Karim is an active member in the recruiting team. He is in charge of AC recruiting for one of our core schools in Lebanon. He is also the program manager of the SAC class in the Dubai office, delivering training and running mentorship program to facilitate integration and inclusivity of new joiners.

Karim holds a deree in Engineering from the Telecom Paristech, a Grande Ecole in Paris, and a MBA from INSEAD.

In his personal life, Karim is a passionate movie fan. He was previously involved in shooting short movies and now fulfils his love for movies and TV shows by uncovering and recommending hidden gems to his friends.

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