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Senior Software Engineer

Employment type

Permanent Full-Time


São Paulo

São Paulo

Description & Requirements

At Bain we say “Champion the bold to achieve the extraordinary”. At the Advanced Analytics Group (AAG) we deeply embody that statement; we put remarkable data innovators in front of the world's toughest challenges, delivering impact that goes way beyond businesses. By doing that, we aim to challenge the status quo and redefine the domains in which we work.

We are building the most influential data innovation hub in South America. We are looking for creative yet courageous professionals like you to play a key role in helping us pursue this endeavor.

What can you expect from us?

We are people centered and team players: we want to provide an awesome environment to work and grow. An environment where we care about people, our wellbeing and a healthy and vibrant long term development. We believe in a place where autonomy is at the core, and where servant leadership provides direction, guidance and motivation, enabling the best version of each of us so we can build teams based on trust and where we help others shine.

We deliver positive impact and challenge the status quo: we are obsessed with unleashing our clients’ full potential by developing quick and dirty data products that evolve fast through agile experimentation. We design a vision not conquered yet, and we only seek to make it a reality and bring true impact to the domains we work on. Be it a very complex operational mining process, an NGO’s educational challenge, a retailer’s e-commerce, or a climate change endeavor, we bring state-of-the-art advanced analytics techniques to create new superior realities for our clients.

We are playful and seek for uniqueness: complex problems require thinking out-of-the-box, giving room to challenging ideas and points of view. How we enable that? By nurturing creativity and having fun exploring novel paths and promoting curiosity and learning in empowered teams that take seriously their instincts and passions. We’ve seen over and over again that this never-ending learning philosophy make us better and stronger, broaden our capability range and enlighten our version in the future to tackle challenges that we haven’t seen before.

Software Engineer @ Bain

We are looking for a Software Engineer to join Bain’s Advanced Analytics Group (AAG).  As part of AAG, you will work with other members of AAG, Bain Generalist Consultants and our  AAG Factory team to build robust software solutions that interact with our Data Science and Machine Learning models to serve our clients’ needs. We achieve this in two distinct ways:

  • Working with consulting teams on short-term projects which involve developing software solutions
  • Developing and maintaining long-lasting products that support internal or clients’ needs

At Bain, we work with leading companies innovating with data, often involving building digital products.

Many times, in the early stages of experimentation, we have to develop immature digital products as proofs of concept. Those can go from deploying a micro service with a predictive model, to quickly implementing a new component and A/B testing on a production app with millions of users.

When any of those tests show potential value, we need to scale them up and help the team capture that unlocked value. Sometimes, this means transforming an immature digital product into a stable, usable, and resilient one that delivers a great UX.

For all that, we are searching for innovative and fresh minds that want to join us to create elegant yet practical solutions to deal with the most challenging problems.

Who we are looking for

We are not looking for an expert on a certain programming language or a specific technology. Instead, we are seeking people who have strong Software Engineering experience and feel comfortable moving through different types of projects.

We are looking for developers with experience in backend and frontend, that are able to give a software engineering point of view for new product developments. They don't need to be an expert in every single area of the development process, but to know how those components interact and apply methodologies that adapt to the reality of each project.

Maybe you have already worked with some specific backend framework, and you rule with that, but we need and want you to be able to learn new things as you move forward. We want you to think that learning something new is a fun challenge rather than a chore.

What we expect from you is to:

  • Enjoy learning new programming languages
  • Fluency in one of the following programming languages – Python, JavaScript, Ruby
  • Experience developing web APIs
  • Experience with web frontend framework
  • Use Git as your main tool for versioning and collaborating
  • Experience of using cloud - GCP or AWS
  • Coordinate with Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers
  • Have 2 or more years of experience

We are interested in you working with a multidisciplinary team where there are other roles who code and for you to be a reference regarding software engineering. Also, we need you to feel comfortable at every stage of a project: whether you are putting together a prototype of a crazy idea (that we don’t know what it’s going to evolve into), building production software or taking charge, of the continuous improvement of an ongoing product.

We’d love if:

  • You are a curious person.
  • You are obsessed by learning new things, tackling new problems and being constantly challenged.
  • You describe yourself as a proactive and creative person.
  • You don’t feel bad facing failure, instead you learn the reason behind it and learn from it.
  • You value learning from others, but you also love learning by yourself and teaching yourself new skills.
  • You value when things are well-written, so you put your best effort on it. Be it code, documentation or an email.
  • You feel comfortable reading, writing and speaking in English.
  • You speak Spanish or Portuguese (⭐️ if you dominate both).
  • You have strong communication skills and feel comfortable working with people that have different roles and seniority levels.
  • You enjoy working on constantly iterative processes.
  • You embrace a deep respect for diversity.


  • 4 days week. 
  • Apple equipment.
  • Maternity and Paternity leave: birth and non-birth parents will be eligible to receive 26 weeks* of paid leave.
  • Life and medical insurance.
  • Supplementary Health and Dental Insurance.
  • Yearly bonus based on performance.
  • Leave of Absence: unpaid break of 1-12 months (eligible after 1 year working with us).
  • Gympass: experience fitness and wellness with gyms, studios and apps.
  • Headspace: annual free subscription to the app that will provide Meditation and mindfulness for any mind, any mood, any goal.
  • Language study subsidy (Spanish, Portuguese and English).
  • By law, maternity leave in Chile can reach 30 weeks of paid leave.

Note: some benefits may differ depending on location and could be subject to change.


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