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Customer Capital

Customer Capital

A proven—and undervalued—source of profitable growth.

All cash flow comes from customers. And companies that lead in customer loyalty grow revenue more than twice as fast as their industry peers and deliver two to five times the shareholder returns over a 10-year span. Yet companies and investors continue to prioritize quarterly earnings over customer relationships. It’s time to change that. A customer capital approach that restores customers to their rightful place as the true focus of your strategy—and tells investors why—can propel your company to its full potential value.

What would your company be worth if you had more customer referrals? Or better retention? Or if it cost you much less to acquire customers in the first place? And how much more effective could you be if your attention and decisions were freed from the cage of short-termism? A customer capital approach focuses you on the right investments and the right steps to increase the total lifetime value of your company’s customer base and turn it into a true asset worthy of being rewarded by investors.

Bain has long championed customer loyalty as the heart of a successful strategy. We help companies win new customers, earn their loyalty, retain them and serve them better. Our pioneering work in customer experience transformation, Elements of Value®, the Net Promoter System®, and other loyalty enhancing customer capabilities, combined with our expertise in organizational design, Agile ways of working and a customer-focused Test for Results approach can help you become an enduring loyalty leader and generate sustained value. 

Lead the Customer Value Revolution

We're looking to work with bold companies that recognize that shareholder value depends on customer value. If you're interested in joining a cutting-edge effort to achieve the full potential value of your company's customer capital, let us know.


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