Customer Value Management

Customer Value Management

A proven — and undervalued — source of profitable growth

Customer Value Management

Our Customer Value Management toolkit can help your team measure and manage the value of your company’s customer base so that you can maximize its impact on cash flows and company value. It includes tools for Customer-Based Corporate Valuation and customer lifetime value. Comprehensive dashboards guide your marketing, sales, product development and servicing. It supports both strategy development and real-time decision making.

Our approach to customer value management addresses the fundamental shortfall in traditional financial and management accounting: a failure to link budgets and P&Ls to customer lifetime value. By creating explicit linkage, we can help you move with confidence. You’ll measure the value of actions for shareholders, show their impact on your bottom line. You’ll gain the support and confidence of your leadership team and investors.

No one knows customer loyalty better than we do. We literally “wrote the book” on loyalty. We help companies win new customers, earn their loyalty, retain them and serve them better. Our pioneering work in customer experience transformation, Elements of Value®, the Net Promoter System®, and other loyalty enhancing customer capabilities, combined with our expertise in organizational design, Agile ways of working and a customer-focused Test for Results approach can help you become an enduring loyalty leader and generate sustained value. 


Lead the Customer Value Revolution

We're looking to work with bold companies that recognize that shareholder value depends on customer value. If you're interested in joining a cutting-edge effort to achieve the full potential value of your company's customer capital, let us know.


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