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Org Architect

Harness the power of your people data with Org Architect, an easy-to-use, interactive tool that helps you simulate, visualize and quantify critical organizational design and talent decisions.

Org Architect is a secure, web-based tool that improves and accelerates how you leverage your HR data to support operating model design, organizational simplification, talent deployment, capability building, a full range of associated cost analyses, and much more.

Org Architect provides you with the ability to:

  • Establish a reliable people baseline for your organizational design and talent decisions
  • Identify and address narrow spans of control and excess layers of management
  • Visualize and quantify potential operating model future states in terms of FTE and cost impact
  • Simulate the people impact of merger integration and spin-off scenarios
  • Visualize the distribution of skillsets, performance, engagement levelsand other properties across teams and departments
  • Explore the benefits of zero-based redesign

Access these and other capabilities on a secure, encrypted platform with drag-and-drop functionality that supports collaboration and confidentiality, fully supported by our technical experts.

What To Expect

What To Expect

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Client Results


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