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When Your Business Needs a Second Growth Engine

When Your Business Needs a Second Growth Engine

Here’s how to build one.

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When Your Business Needs a Second Growth Engine

This article originally appeared in Harvard Business Review.

In a series of forums we held recently with chief executives of large companies around the world, we uncovered a preoccupation with obsolescence and renewal. When we surveyed them, 65% of the CEOs predicted that in five to seven years their firms’ main competitors would be different from their main competitors today, and 63% said that new competitors with new business models would pose a major threat to their firms’ core business. The CEOs projected that in the next decade 40% of the value their companies created would come from entering new markets and launching new business models. Clearly, the business landscape feels highly unstable to them—which is understandable, given that new technologies continue to upend industries and wipe out businesses at a remarkable rate.


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