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Energy Competition Plays Out in Power Generation

Renewables will grow, coal and nuclear will drop, and natural gas varies from one region to another.

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Energy Competition Plays Out in Power Generation

Global trends and events will increasingly influence intrafuel and interfuel competition as the energy ecosystem becomes more interlinked, but many local factors will be equally important. For example, global learning curves, national and state regulations, and local climate patterns can play out very differently across regions within national borders. Bain’s research on the economics of energy has identified meaningful differences in the likely transitions of fuels used in power generation. For example, natural gas generation in the Northeast US is likely to be displaced by solar and wind generation, while in the Great Lakes region natural gas will largely displace coal and nuclear.

Jorge Leis is a partner with Bain & Company’s Oil & Gas practice, which he formerly led in the Americas. He is based in Houston.

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