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Chelsea Schott

Director, Consulting Programs,




Chelsea Schott is a member of our people and operations team.

Within Seattle, she runs the AC/SAC program, including staffing, training and professional development. Chelsea also oversees a number of operational elements of the Seattle office, including office services and connectedness and training budgets.

Prior to her role in talent management and operations, Chelsea was a senior manager in our retail practice. In that role, Chelsea worked closely with many Fortune 1000 companies, focused on strategy, M&A, and customer experience.

Beyond her client work, she plays an active role as the First at Bain champion and AC class champion. She’s also been a member of our San Francisco and Atlanta offices.

In between stints at Bain, Chelsea also held positions at Open Capital Advisors and Onera. She holds an MBA from the Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and an undergraduate degree from Emory University.

In her personal time, Chelsea enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, cross-country skiing and paddleboarding with her husband and dog.

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