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Martina Pagani

Senior Manager,


Energy leader with over 8 years of experience in advising global clients on commercial excellence, ESG strategy and complex turnaround cases. Actively involved in the client activities of the Athens office, building a strong momentum in her areas of expertise.



  • Founder of Italy BSI Group
  • Co Author of Bain / WWF reports on sustainability needs of customers in the Energy and Fashion industries

Martina Pagani is a core member of the Energy & Natural Resources practice. Martina is actively involved in the client activities of the Athens office, building a strong momentum in her areas of expertise. 

She has worked with leading Energy & Utilities companies across Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. Her work primarily surrounds commercial excellence and ESG strategy. Her case portfolio includes complex turnaround plans for integrated energy companies as well as customer-back strategy for leading energy retailers.

Beyond her client work, Martina is a founder of the Italy Social Impact team. She has lead several pro-bono cases for social enterprises and institutions. Her flagship Social Impact client is the WWF, with the co-authorship of a series of studies on customers' perception of sustainability issues across diverse industries.

Martina is a "NPS rockstar", with very strong upward feedback from her teams.

Before joining us, she graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

In her personal time, Martina is an avid reader and a passionate yogi. She loves travelling and has visited over 55 countries in the world.

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