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Paul Markowitz

Vice President, Marketing Science, Boston


Paul Markowitz is a vice president of marketing science, based in our Boston office.

As a recognized expert in marketing science and strategy, Paul leads teams across Bain's global offices in the development and execution of advanced analytic approaches, using a combination of primary market research, CRM, web log and other data. He is a leading expert in the application of conjoint analysis to deliver meaningful business results.

Paul supports cases with expert advice in research design, survey and sampling advice and advanced analytics. He has expertise in advanced applications in customer segmentation, data mining, experimental design, discrete choice, modern statistical methods including hierarchical Bayes random effects models and complex menu-based designs, pricing studies, predictive analytics and new product development.

Paul has contributed to multiple conference presentations and journal articles.

Prior to joining Bain in 2012, Paul was a partner at Lippincott and Oliver Wyman, where he lead the marketing science practice.

He has a PhD in economics from Brown University.

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