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Todd Papaioannou


Silicon Valley

Global Lead for Bain Generative AI Application development.



  • Product visionary and technology thought leader in Big Data, Cloud, IoT and AI/Machine Learning
  • 3x Entrepreneur with exits to IPO and Google
  • Named as one of World's Top 10 Cloud Computing Leaders

Todd Papaioannou leads Bain's global Generative AI Application development.

Todd is a seasoned product visionary and technology thought leader who is incredibly passionate about Big Data, Cloud, IoT and AI/Machine Learning.

A sought after keynote speaker with twenty five years of experience, Todd's career path as a 3x entrepreneur, a C-level executive at multinational public companies and as a VC investor gives him a unique view of the enterprise software landscape.

Prior to Bain, Todd was the CEO of Edgeworx, a venture backed startup in the Edge Cloud/EdgeAI space, which he led to acquisition. Prior to that, he was the Chief Technology Officer at Splunk (SPLK). In that role, Todd helped define Splunk's overall technology vision, corporate strategy and product road map.

Todd holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Systems from Loughborough University in the U.K. He is also an Advisory Board Member for BOLDstart Ventures, Vertical Ventures, Nyriad, TigerGraph, BigID, and an Equity Partner at Data Collective.

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