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Alesya Averchenkova

Manager, Dubai

Sobre Alesya

My name is Alesya and I’m currently a Case Team Leader in the Dubai office.

Before joining, I worked for 7 years among Russian oil & gas industries in a variety of financial controlling roles and wanted to try something different after business school. Since the 3 years I’ve been at Bain, I was able to work across multiple sectors (aviation, real estate logistics, renewable energy, financial services) to help me get a sense of what type of work I enjoyed doing. This journey hasn’t been easy, but constant learning (be it in trainings, at work or from other team members) is something I truly appreciate.

Coming from a non-consulting background, it was crucial for me to really live and breathe the Bain toolkit. I learned the importance of working to have an answer first and being comfortable sharing it with the leadership team as soon as possible – you might not always be right, but if the logic is in place, it will quickly facilitate alignment and allow the discussion to move forward.