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IT Services

IT Services

IT Services

Bain has worked with companies across the full spectrum of IT services, from cloud, hosting, and infrastructure providers to outsourcers, VARs, systems integrators, network equipment companies and more, helping them manage costs, transform operations, innovate, spot new market opportunities and emerge as industry leaders.


What We Do

What We Do

What does it take to win in the rapidly evolving IT and digital services industry? Maximum efficiency, adaptability and vision. Bain supports you across all those dimensions, with an agile, results-focused approach built on deep expertise across all relevant capabilities and geographies. We collaborate closely with you to:

  • Develop a strategy designed to achieve quick wins today and position you for long-term success.
  • Develop an efficient operating model and improve business performance through cost transformation, talent, supply chain reinvention, improved go-to-market capabilities, optimized pricing strategy, superior customer experience,  an enhanced procurement function, and more.
  • Augment your existing capabilities by pursuing an M&A strategy, assessing potential targets, developing a plan to integrate them effectively, and divesting assets that don't align with your overall vision.
  • We also work closely with private equity firms and have advised on nearly 50% of all IT services deals in every region of the world, providing unmatched due diligence expertise. Bain has very high penetration in the Indian IT services market and has advised 8 out of top 10 IT services providers on their domestic and global operations.


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Our Perspective

Our Perspective

As enterprises invest in a wide range of next-generation technologies, from cloud and AI to Big Data and analytics, IT services firms have a great opportunity to leverage this increased spending—if they respond nimbly.

Leading companies will need to find the right balance between transforming traditional offerings (remote infrastructure management, application development/maintenance, and more) and creating new offerings that harness the full potential of digital.

Among the key trends that will shape the future of IT services companies:

Cloud and the “X-as-a-Service” delivery model

Application development & maintenance offerings will need to accommodate both multi-tenant and cloud native applications. As the growing popularity of a hybrid cloud model makes infrastructure management more complex, clients will expect their technology partners to act as trusted advisers. Business process services will move to an integrated platform+services (BPaaS) model, involving either a single vendor or delivered through partnerships. And, as more data moves from local data centers to public cloud, the IT services profit pool risks flowing to the largest cloud providers.

A paradigm shift from desktop computing to mobile

Interoperability and cross-functionality will become table stakes within the workplace and end-user services sector, as the number and heterogeneity of platforms and devices continues to proliferate, propelled in part by the bring-your-own-device movement.

The exponential increase in IoT-connected systems and devices

The Internet of Things has created a huge opportunity for IT services firms to provide integration capabilities that are scalable, reliable and delivered via a large, distributed field-engineering workforce, especially within the manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Digital disruption

IT services firms will need to build solutions around a range ofmobile and web-based technologies, and adopt next-generation development tools and methodologies (such as Agile & DevOps), to keep pace with increasingly digital-savvy customers.

Complex data sets and analytics

IT services firms will need to find ways to leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, data cleansing and supporting technologies, to serve customers intent on building robust in-house data analytics capabilities. 


IT services vendors will need to develop comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that can keep 100% of a client’s data safe, and that evolve with customers' changing needs.

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