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IT Services

IT Services

Amid waves of disruption, build a strategy for sustained growth

IT Services

To win in today’s dynamic IT services industry you need to meet your clients’ rapidly evolving needs efficiently, adaptably, and strategically. Our IT services industry consulting teams bring an agile, results-focused approach shaped by our deep expertise across all relevant capabilities.

We have helped companies manage costs, transform operations, embrace the latest digital technologies, and seize new market opportunities. In more than 450 client engagements in the last six years, we have supported companies across the full spectrum of subsectors, from cloud, hosting, and infrastructure providers to outsourcers, VARs, systems integrators, network equipment companies, and more.

Our seamless global network of experts can provide unparalleled insights into the trends that make IT infrastructure management more complex every day. These include the ongoing shift to cloud, the proliferation of mobile devices and the Internet of Things, and the global battle to strengthen cybersecurity defenses. To stay competitive, IT services firms must help their customers build robust in-house data analytics capabilities, transition to “as-a-service” delivery models, and continue perfecting traditional offerings like remote infrastructure management and application development and maintenance.

We collaborate closely with you to develop new strategies and operating models, transform costs, reinvent supply chains, optimize pricing, and deliver superior customer experiences. We can help you augment your existing capabilities through an M&A strategy that spans target identification, post-merger integrations, and divestment.

Within India’s vast IT services market, we have advised eight of the top 10 IT services providers on their domestic and global operations. And our status as the leading consulting partner to the private equity industry extends to IT services, where we have advised on nearly 50% of the sector’s deals, in every region of the world, providing unmatched due diligence expertise.

As the world continues to race into the digital future, the bar for IT services companies gets ever higher. We can help you build your business, expand your capabilities, and keep in front of technological change.

Resultados no cliente

Resultados no cliente

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