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Telco Customer Experience Transformation

Unlock value with a customer-centric business model powered by data and digital

Telco Customer Experience Transformation

It should be a perfect match: Your customers expect seamless, personalized experiences, and you are uniquely positioned to provide it, thanks to your comprehensive, data-backed view of every customer.

Yet too often telcos struggle to provide the timely, hyper-personalized, universally accessible experiences customers want. Customer-centric transformations often fall short, due to poor prioritization, lack of a clear long-term ambition, inappropriate resourcing, technology limitations, or a corporate culture focused on quarterly results rather than customer enrichment.

We believe that by 2025 telcos can transform the customer experience.

Our 2025 Vision: Seven Key Dimensions

  1. Vision and Purpose

    Embrace a customer-centric, digital-first approach that turns customers into loyal advocates, boosts revenue and EBITDA margins year over year, and addressed ESG challenges and opportunities.

  2. Hero Propositions

    Examples include household-based FMC offerings that meet customer needs at a fair price and digital platforms that boost revenue with value-add services.

  3. Customer Journeys

    Significantly reduce (unwanted) customer contact volume, move 80%+ of low-value interactions to digital, create AI-powered personalized journeys, and more.

  4. Channels

    Digital-native and omnichannel CX; streamlined footprint in physical stores; virtual agents at scale reduce chats by 80%; trucks down 50%, due to seamless DIY alternatives; and more.

  5. Culture and Feedback

    Fully implemented NPS® and Predictive systems; employee and customer NPS scores improve by 30%.

  6. Agile Operating Model

    Agile at scale in place with 30% of staff in squads and 100% embracing Agile values; attract top digital talent; build ecosystem of partners.

  7. Next-Gen Technologies:

    Data science and engineering talent in place; future-proof cloud-based IT stack; open and digital architecture; FttH and 5G at scale; CX Ops Center as a single source of truth; and more.

We can help you make this happen because we not only understand customer needs, we invented the breakthrough NPS system as a way to measure and improve customer advocacy. Our expertise in agile operating models, customer-centric network deployment, enterprise tech architecture and systems, and data-driven decision-making provides everything you need to truly and effectively transform the customer experience and reap the long-term value such a transformation can yield.

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Our Impact

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