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Acerca de Kayley

What did you do before joining consulting? Why did you make the jump to Bain?

I worked in the consumer products industry where I got the chance to experience various aspects of developing a brand. I found myself enjoying brand diagnosis and always had a curiosity about how other companies differentiate themselves. I decided to join consulting to focus more on analytical work and learn the best from each company. I was thrilled when given an opportunity to work at Bain.

How have you “Built your own Bain”?

Despite not having a consulting or private equity background, I was given the opportunity to join the private equity ringfence right off the bat. I have met many amazing supervisors and mentors that have helped me ramp up on consulting skillsets, private equity knowledge and develop confidence to contribute to cases. Outside of case work, I am also able to help with Bain's social impact work and put the skills that I have gained to further use in pro-bono cases.

Describe a case that was particularly impactful for you.

I worked on a commercial due diligence case for a tech giant in Southeast Asia that involved a high valuation with a tight timeline. Despite the pressure, our team was able to answer the client's questions on addressable market and maintain a defensible investment moat, eventually helping them with their decision. The idea of being able to see what you have worked on in the news and be part of a transformative journey with the tech giant makes me proud to have worked on the case.

Given your experience, what makes Bain’s work unique? 

I have seen many instances where we co-create together with the client rather than it being a one-way relationship where Bain provides a report of solutions to address the client's problems. At Bain we prioritize building close relationships with our clients, that they do not view us as "external consultants" but "co-workers" that they can bounce ideas off of when they face a roadblock.

What’s one tip or trick you can offer to incoming recruits interested in consulting?

Don’t worry if you don’t have a strong consulting background. At Bain, we have diverse experiences and as a result, each of us contributes to the case work differently. That is part of what makes work fun. Moreover, you have Bainies to guide you along as you learn the ropes of the industry, so join with an open mind!