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Partner, Sydney

Sobre Chio

Hello, I'm Chio. One of the key reasons I joined Bain was to have an international career—and it sure has delivered! I started straight out of undergrad in our Dallas office, but was staffed in Latin America for my first two years. A subsequent six-month transfer to Australia exposed me to what would later become home. A few years later, the Australian office sponsored me to get an MBA at INSEAD, which saw me spend a year in France, Singapore and Tanzania (the latter for summer work).

A couple of years after returning to Australia, my husband and I were looking for our next life adventure, and we moved to Johannesburg. We had a fantastic two years there, developing the different set of skills required to be effective in developing markets and seeing a lot of what the continent had to offer. All these years have also been peppered with multiple global trainings and Bain World Cups in several exciting cities, where I have significantly built my global network. The adventure and the learning never stop!

Bain Australia is a great place to work. The culture is a fun, collegiate one, and there is a bit of healthy competition between the offices. I have had a great experience working part time, and it is in no small way due to the partners' strong support of different models.

"​I think the best advice as you go through the recruiting process is to get to know as many people as possible."

If you're considering Bain, get a flavor of what day-to-day life is like and how Bain (and other options you're exploring) fit with your values and the things you care about. There are a lot of places with smart people and attractive careers. What will make the biggest difference, I believe, is whether the culture of the place resonates with you and you can see yourself spending a significant amount of time with the people who work there.


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