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Associate Partner, Boston

Sobre Lauren

Hi, I'm Lauren. I'm an associate partner in the Boston office, and I graduated from Wharton and Penn Law in 2013. The reason I chose consulting is somewhat nontraditional. I actually went to law school and spent a summer at a law firm doing corporate law. I decided on going to business school, and that was when one of my colleagues in my law program encouraged me to drop my résumé for a consulting firm during our second year.

"What I think is so wonderful about Bain is the entrepreneurial nature of the work that we do."

Every time we encounter a case, we can draw from Bain's intellectual property (IP) and the institutional knowledge that we've developed from past experiences, while still creating a bespoke solution for our client.

Since I've been at Bain I've been mostly focused in consumer products and retail. I really enjoy consumer and growth strategy work. The most fun I had recently was working for a restaurant on a footprint expansion case. We got to experiment with a regression model in order to determine new restaurant locations. I thought that was really enjoyable.