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Advanced Manufacturing & Services

From procurement and cost management to supply chain efficiency and digital transformation, we work with companies in all industrial sectors to solve a broad range of management challenges. We help companies generate real results today and build strategies that will endure well into the future. Our advanced manufacturing consulting expertise spans every industry sub-sector, including aerospace & defenseaviation, automotive & mobilityforest products, paper & packaging, infrastructure, construction and building products, machinery and equipment, metalsreal estate, and transportation.

Sector Expertise

Sector Expertise

Aerospace & Defense

Across every subsector of aerospace and defense—including commercial aviation, space, defense, and government services—we help leaders solve their most challenging problems and emerge stronger than ever.

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We work closely with vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, technology companies and mobility service providers to develop breakthrough strategies that help you achieve the full potential of your business.

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Our aviation and airline consulting expertise can help you address all key sources of value, including your operating model, revenue drivers, labor and non-labor costs and activities, network and fleet restructuring, and all facets of business transformation.

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Forest Products, Paper & Packaging

We work with companies across the full spectrum of forest products, paper and packaging, helping them develop future-proof strategies, pursue cost and capital efficiencies, and employ a range of automation and digitalization technologies to optimize every facet of their operations. 

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Infrastructure, Construction & Building Products

Our global network of experts can help you accelerate digital innovation, transform cost structures, reinvent your manufacturing capabilities, and bring more resilience to your supply chains and procurement programs.

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Machinery & Equipment

We combine deep expertise in digital transformation, Industry 4.0, advanced analytics, cost transformation, organizational design and other disciplines to help you develop and execute a winning strategy.

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Our metals consulting experts work in every global region, helping many of the world’s top performing extractors and manufacturers of aluminum, gold, copper, iron, steel, and rare elements achieve the operational efficiencies that power breakthrough results.

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Real Estate

Across hundreds of client engagements around the world, our real estate consulting expertise has played a pivotal role in helping leaders in residential, commercial, and industrial real estate stay ahead amid relentless competition.

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Our deep expertise across transportation, logistics and digitally enabled mobility ensures that your organization keeps people—and the things people depend on—moving more efficiently than ever.

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