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Beyond the Bio Podcast

Why We Always Do the Right Thing

Ivan Hindshaw, our Americas Regional Managing Partner, has been living our Operating Principle “Guided by True North” throughout his extensive Bain career and personal life for decades. Sharing experiences of how his career has made him have to have tough conversations in order to do the right thing, Ivan joins us as we continue our Operating Principles series and breaks down what “Guided by True North” means for our clients, people and communities.


Why We Always Do the Right Thing

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Ivan Hindshaw, our Americas Regional Managing Partner, shares his inspiring journey from a childhood of moving around frequently to leading a successful career in consulting. Born in St. Kitts, Ivan learned different cultures and experiences growing up England, Philadelphia, and California during his formative years. Seeking stability in his life, he decided to study law after being influenced by a friend of his parents. Ivan pursued pre-law at UC Berkley before being introduced to consulting at a Bain information session, which ultimately led him to join Bain as an associate consultant.

Ivan would leave Bain to earn his MBA from Stanford before returning to the firm and later moving to Los Angeles to help open its office doors. His commitment to excellence and leadership led him to take on the role as the Los Angeles Office Head before now serving as the Americas Regional Managing Partner.

Ivan exemplifies Bain's core principle of “Guided by True North” by always doing the right thing and asking the tough questions to ensure he is making the best decisions for clients, employees, and communities. As we continue our Operating Principles series, Ivan joins us to not only reflect on his Bain journey but also share how this principle has shaped his personal and professional life, highlighting the importance of integrity and values in everything he does.



Beyond the Bio Podcast

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