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Charting the right course amid intense disruption and uncertainty is never easy, but it’s even more challenging in today’s multi-speed world: The impacts of AI, post-globalization, governmental regulation, tighter capital, and many other challenges will ultimately affect all regions and industries, but at varying speeds and intensities.

Enter Future Sensing, a unique interdisciplinary capability that helps interpret the signals within a host of emerging trends. Future Sensing provides the insight you need to not only navigate turbulence, maximize opportunities, and reduce risks, but understand how the interplay of these dynamic forces will affect your strategy.

Top Trends Transforming Strategy

Top Trends Transforming Strategy

From technology to demographics to disruptions in finance, globalization, and more, Future Sensing helps you understand what’s coming so you always stay two steps ahead of disruption.

Future Sensing: Next Steps

Future Sensing: Next Steps

Today’s volatility and uncertainty demand that you identify the most transformative business trends before your competitors do. Three imperatives should rise to the top of the CEO priority list:

  • Secure the right forms of capital. Rising interest rates are just one complication as you seek the right forms of capital from the right sources at the right cost. Sources of funding are becoming more dispersed but also less geographically mobile. Human capital is also an area where supply-demand imbalances will require significant attention, requiring companies to look beyond the resume to understand how a candidate’s skills and experience might be applied in other settings.
  • Get closer to government. Understand the decisions and thinking of governments and public sector stakeholders, particularly in your home market and at local and multi-local levels. Core issues including labor practices, worker protections, anti-trust concerns, tax policies, and subsidies are becoming true battlegrounds as the state gets more involved in market affairs.
  • Build a future sensing capability. Monitor the right signals based on your industry, geography, and competitive position. These should encompass a wide range of sources and can include everything from patent filings to investment flows to job-creation data. Pair that analysis with an awareness of the three ways most trends unfold: gradually, catalytically, and virally.

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