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Consumers Start to Embrace Digital Insurance Platforms

They’re signing up for services beyond the core insurance policy.

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Consumers Start to Embrace Digital Insurance Platforms

Digital platforms are spreading throughout insurance markets, some featuring integrated services beyond the core insurance policy. In auto insurance markets, platforms offer vehicle purchase and sale listings, safe-driving discounts and emergency support. In health insurance, platform services include diagnostics, treatment, healthy living advice and, during the Covid-19 pandemic, more telemedicine. In home insurance, common services are security, energy, and purchase and sale listings. Done right, such services have a strong influence on the insurance purchasing decision, Bain’s latest global consumer survey finds. And although many types of companies offer such services, incumbent insurers do have an advantage in this regard. As shown in the figure, customers who use ecosystem services through their insurer rate their experience higher than those who use services through other providers. As platforms continue to spread both geographically and throughout new corners of insurance markets, insurers should plant their platform flag soon.

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