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Joe Scalise

Партнер, San Francisco


Joe Scalise is a partner and director in the San Francisco office of Bain & Company. He leads Bain's global Utilities practice and coordinates Bain's broader Energy & Natural Resources teams across the Americas.

He joined the firm in 1997 and has worked across Bain's North America offices in Boston, New York and Dallas as well as internationally in Bain's Johannesburg office and with teams in Europe and Asia.

Joe has worked in and around the utilities sector continuously since 2002. As the global practice leader, he is responsible for both Bain's client work and intellectual property in the space. He works directly with some of the largest investor-owned utilities in the Americas and advises teams around the world.

His most recent work has centered in four areas:

  • Industry transformation: Implications of flat/declining loads and regulatory adventurism
  • Cost and performance: Transitioning the sector to a competitive footing; there is no strategy for which cost discipline is not critical
  • Digital: Beyond 'pilot' use cases to scale deployment
  • M&A: Industry consolidation, diligence and integration

Joe represents Bain at global industry forums and events including the World Economic Forum and The Edison Electric Institute, in addition to publishing various briefs and articles.

Joe holds an MBA from Wharton and BA in Economics from Lehigh University. Prior to Bain, he worked at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in Washington DC, where he specialized in regulated industry economics.

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