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Press release

The Los Angeles Unified School District enlists Bain & Company to help plan recovery pathway following Covid-19 crisis

The Los Angeles Unified School District enlists Bain & Company to help plan recovery pathway following Covid-19 crisis

Bain & Company will work with Los Angeles Unified on a pro-bono basis to evaluate and implement strategies to help teachers, students and families in remote, online learning

  • mayo 06, 2020
  • min read

Press release

The Los Angeles Unified School District enlists Bain & Company to help plan recovery pathway following Covid-19 crisis

Los Angeles – May 6, 2020 – Bain & Company announced today they will help Los Angeles Unified address the immediate consequences and ongoing recovery in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. Bain & Company will provide its services pro bono, as a part of a firm-wide commitment to donate $1 billion in consulting services towards social impact initiatives by 2025.

Los Angeles Unified Superintendent Austin Beutner asked Bain to help as part of the overall effort by the school district to transition an organization of about 75,000 employees and almost 700,000 students to online learning. This is an unprecedented challenge for any large school system. The challenge is made greater as Los Angeles Unified serves a high needs community -- more than 80% of students are from families living in poverty and many of these families have been significantly impacted by the economic consequences of the coronavirus.

Bain & Company will work with Los Angeles Unified to identify and prioritize potential initiatives based on research and insights by education experts, key district stakeholders and Los Angeles Unified personnel. The firm will seek solutions that have a tangible impact, are fiscally responsible and can be implemented quickly. Based on agreed-upon priorities, Bain will then design a high-level plan of action for Los Angeles Unified to consider.

“Our efforts to transition a large, complex school system to online learning have been compared to the challenge of landing a man on the moon,” Superintendent Beutner said. “Bain provides advice to some of the most sophisticated businesses and institutions around the world and we’re fortunate to have them help us think through the challenges we are facing.”

We are excited to work with Superintendent Beutner and the Los Angeles Unified team to help respond to the operating, learning and teaching challenges during and after this unprecedented period,” Bain & Company’s Education Practice Partner Abigail Smith said. “At Bain we are committed to investing in high impact education initiatives on a pro bono basis, both in normal times and times of crisis.”


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