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B2B Go-to-Market



Our suite of digital solutions that aligns people, processes, and technology in an integrated commercial system that makes your go-to-market organization the profitable growth engine you know it can be.


Enterprise buyers don't just wake up and decide it's time to purchase your products: You have to stimulate, nurture and convert their interest. To do that, you need the visibility, insights and tools to spot opportunities, define and mobilize the right actions, and measure what works.

Coro is a proprietary suite of digital solutions that includes cloud-based software, online capability assessments, and advanced analytics tools. It provides:

  • Feedback & Accountability: Boost accountability for identified key actions and reliably monitor how new processes and initiatives are implemented.
  • Continuous Improvement: Refine your commercial strategy and customer approach by highlighting which actions and initiatives are most effective over time.
  • Zero Replications: Synchronize client information in a single cloud-based location that natively integrates with your CRM system.

Paired with our unrivaled B2B Go-to-Market expertise, Coro helps make your commercial operation the profitable growth engine you know it can be. 

Cloud-based Software

Cloud-based Software

Together with our partners, we’ve developed powerful software tools that integrate seamlessly with your enterprise technology systems:


Find the biggest account and product activities, decide where to deploy resources, and activate your frontline to win more business

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Partner Sonar

Leverage advanced analytics applied to an extensive channel partner dataset to identify, curate, and grow the right partners.

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Capability Assessments

Capability Assessments

Simple online surveys and unrivaled proprietary benchmarking databases fuel our assessments:

Commercial Excellence X-ray

Our comprehensive, proprietary database of commercial best practices from more than 850 companies helps you assess performance and align your team around the gaps you must close

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Tech Stack X-ray

Our robust tool for evaluating adoption, ROI, and vendor performance helps you make more informed decisions about sales and marketing technology investments and initiatives

Pricing Capability X-ray

Our fast, flexible capability assessment that shows you how to bridge the gap between the price you’re getting and the price you could be getting

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Sales Play System℠ Maturity X-ray

Our turnkey survey and analytics tool benchmarks the maturity of your revenue operations and identifies the biggest opportunity areas for systemization of successful and repeatable selling motions that will drive sustainable and profitable growth

Marketing Capability X-ray

Understand the effectiveness of your B2B marketing practices and hone in on where and how you should enhance your marketing toolkit to more effectively reach and sell to your target audience

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Our robust data and visualization tools are powered by advanced analytics, machine learning, and human-centric design:


As critical as profitability is, it’s often difficult to understand exactly where profits come from. ProfitCube helps you both analyze your profitability and take actions to improve it.


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Dynamic Deal Guidance

Powered by Pricefx

Identifies patterns in sales transactions to deliver price recommendations to your frontline team, eliminating variable discounts while empowering the sales team to take the right actions

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Price Leakage Stopper

Powered by Pricefx

Develops a view of true profitability and sources of leakage through the price waterfall, supported by our Pricing Center of Excellence and experts for end-to-end support

Dynamic Pricing Engine

Synthesizes relevant variables into a single database, monitors competitive actions, tests scenarios, and updates prices in response to real-time market changes, to maximize revenue or margin

Pricing KPI Database

With data on nearly three dozen standard pricing KPIs, we can help you make faster, better decisions and elevate every facet of your pricing practices.

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Commercial Excellence KPI Database

Provides relevant performance benchmarks for all facets of your go-to-market organization, from sales operations practices to digital tool adoption to frontline coaching and performance


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