Full-Potential Account Management

Coro℠ Account Management Tool

Coro℠ Account Management Tool

A breakthrough account management tool that stimulates demand by tracking and rewarding the right sales actions and strategies

Coro℠ Account Management Tool

Most sales organizations focus on delighting customers and developing a high-velocity sales process. But truly world-class B2B sellers also address a critical third component of success: stimulating new demand.

This focus on building pipeline means harmonizing your sales teams around strategic, action-oriented account plans and repeatable sales plays. Solve this challenge and the impact on growth can be significant, but there’s a reason most companies don’t pay enough attention to building pipeline—it’s hard to get it right.


Coro℠ is a groundbreaking technological solution for this challenge. It starts with our firm's proven account planning methodology and integrates natively with Salesforce and other CRMs to make the experience seamless for your teams. Coro supports your front line as they track all the complex sales actions that reinforce commercial excellence. By measuring and rewarding these pipeline-building sequences, Coro incentivizes your sales talent to go beyond executing live deals and uncover new opportunities.

Inspired by the Italian word for choir, Coro enables far-flung colleagues to perform consistent and proactive work on the same accounts in real-time. Its intuitive, mobile-friendly interface makes it easy to deploy. It is just the newest element of an account planning approach that has helped countless companies boost their sales.

With Coro, you’ll optimize the winning strategies and best practices that reveal the new accounts that will power your growth.

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At a Glance

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Accelerate your business with this account planning platform that aligns your people and technology to drive consistent planning, so your team can move faster and win bigger.

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