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B2B Pricing KPI Database

With data on nearly three dozen standard pricing KPIs we can help you make faster, better decisions and elevate every facet of your pricing practices.

B2B Pricing KPI Database

Nothing moves the needle on profitability like pricing, but discounts, leakage, sales force inefficiency and other factors often result in significant money being left on the table. Our B2B Pricing Database, built on data from Pricefx and Bain experience, is a first-of-its-kind platform that uses anonymized industry data on key pricing KPIs to help you understand and improve your relative pricing performance. The resulting insights reveal what your pricing processes can—and should—be. 

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Learn more about the full breadth of our Pricing expertise, including powerful capability assessments and other tools tailored to the needs of B2B and B2C companies.


We partnered with PricefxPlasmaTM ​to provide an anonymized database to measure relative performance across multiple dimensions of pricing, so you can quickly spot opportunities for improvement.

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B2B Pricing Health Check

Are you leaving money on the table? See how you compare on four critical measures of pricing performance.

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