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Dry Powder: The Private Equity Podcast

One Small Step for Private Equity, One Giant Leap for Philanthropy

We ask the founding team at Greater Share about their intriguing new approach to philanthropic funding and how they’ve already garnered support from some of the world’s leading GPs.


One Small Step for Private Equity, One Giant Leap for Philanthropy

Today on Dry Powder, we’re talking to the founding team at Greater Share, a philanthropic organization that connects world-class GPs to high-impact NGOs.

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“We’ve been very, very fortunate to get the likes of Bain Capital and Advent and Hg and Nautic, Permira, Lexington, and Cinven,” says Graham Elton, chairman of Bain’s EMEA Private Equity practice and chair of the investment committee at Greater Share. “These are top, top GPs with long track records of fantastic returns.”

Together, they’re forging a novel approach to charitable giving, modeled on a private equity fund of funds. Now, a fund of funds may be a familiar concept to most of our audience, but in the nonprofit sector, where funding is typically short term, fickle, and heavily restricted, it’s a wholly original idea.

“NGOs typically receive funding on an annual funding cycle,” says Greater Share’s CEO, Dana Bezerra. “If they’re lucky, a funder may commit to two years of funding. It’s quite extraordinary for an NGO to have line of sight or visibility into multiple years.”

On today’s show, I ask Graham and Dana for the origin story behind this intriguing new philanthropic venture.


Private Equity For Good

Greater Share is a disruptive philanthropic model harnessing the power of private equity to fuel NGO missions to change the world.


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