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Victor Ong

Acerca de Victor

How’d you find your way to Bain? 

I started my career in industrial design working for a consumer electronics firm. From there I evolved into human-computer interaction and then into consumer products working for a printer manufacturer, where I worked with printers and mobile devices. From there I moved on to startups and then fintech companies before getting myself into consulting.  

My first taste of consulting was at IBM iX, and from there, I had a chance to join Bain where I got to build an innovation and design team in APAC. I’ve always been passionate about marrying design with strategy consulting and Bain has given me that chance.  Due to the nature of our work, and the C-level stakeholders we interact with, I have the privilege of witnessing how our work and advice can shape how a product evolves within a company.  

What have you found rewarding about the work?  

With the increased demand for digital design since the pandemic, Bain has grown its client base extensively in industries like agriculture, healthcare, automotive, and heavy machinery. I have had the opportunity to work across that range of industries and in the process, have been able to build a wonderful team of designers which has grown four times as large as when I started. I cannot describe how rewarding it is to see that team have such success. 

How is the culture?  

I firmly believe our diverse and inclusive environment has been a major factor in the success of the cases we’ve worked on. We have embraced a hybrid model in which I and other experts can collaborate on a consulting team in a more integrated fashion, without feeling confined to our silos, and it helps us deliver exceptional work. 

What project are you most proud of? 

A Bain project I’m extremely proud of was helping a healthcare company design and launch a digital health app. I was part of a six-person team consisting of another designer plus a group of consultants. Our mission was to help the client develop a digital care solution and the research phase was really exciting. I pretended to be a sick patient undergoing teleconsulting on different competitor platforms and now I have a lot of extra probiotics lying around my home. It helped us reach definitive conclusions and craft an even better experience.  

La trayectoria profesional de Victor

Victor got to build a new design team at Bain