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Dirk Bartels



Provides product and technology strategy and senior operating expertise in support of value creation and technology due diligence projects.

Acerca de Dirk

Dirk Bartels specializes in technology due diligence.

Prior to joining us, Dirk spent more than three decades in software and product leadership as a developer, CEO, CTO, and CPO, as well as a strategy consultant. He specializes in modern software and technology strategy, product development, software organization, process evaluation and improvement, and team growth and management.

"Software is fundamentally changing how we live and work. For instance, cloud computing and Agile methodologies can be game-changers, but there is not a panacea. Understanding the fundamentals and building a learning organization is key to long-term success."

Dirk Bartels

Dirk led a successful IPO as the CEO of Poet Holdings, Inc. in 1999. Poet was subsequently acquired in 2003.

As an executive and an advisor, has worked with companies across various software sectors, including recent assignments in e-commerce, mobile computing, healthcare, real estate, ERP, and BPO.

Dirk holds a Masters in Computer Science from Technische Universität Berlin.

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