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Bain Divestiture Mobilization ensures that companies realize the highest possible value from divestitures by preparing the asset for sale, running a low-risk carve-out program and shaping the remaining business to thrive.

Why Bain

Why Bain

  • We've supported more than 450 divestitures and spin-off projects.
  • Our experience includes the most complicated carve-out situations, often driven by regulators.
  • We have prepared assets for sale that achieve prices 50%-75% greater than their internal targets.
  • We customize our approach based on an understanding of your business and situation.

Note: A divestiture is a sale of a part of the business to a third party. A spin-off is a public listing of a part of the business, with shares of the newly created company distributed to shareholders. Please learn about Bain Spin-off Solution here.

What to Expect

What to Expect

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