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Video Series: Uncharted

In our Uncharted video series, we talk one-on-one with today’s most visionary healthcare CEOs about their personal journeys and connections to this dynamic industry. While passion and drive got them to the top, the ability to adapt and grow is what keeps them there. Learn more about the leaders shaping the healthcare and life sciences landscape and the knowledge they’ve gained along the way.

David Lee, CEO, Servier Pharmaceuticals

A childhood encounter with cancer and a desire to maximize his social impact led David Lee from medical school to business leadership roles.

Kal Vepuri, CEO and Founder, Hero Health

Kal Vepuri shares how his passion for healthcare entrepreneurship has personal roots.

Pascale Witz, Founder & CEO of PWH Advisors, former EVP, Sanofi and former CEO, GE Medical Diagnostics

Pascale Witz raised her hand when no one else would—and it changed the course of her career.

Victor Crawford, CEO, Pharmaceutical Segment at Cardinal Health

Being ready to “rumble” for ideas you support is a leadership skill that Victor Crawford has honed over the years.

Paul Diaz, CEO, Myriad Genetics 

In a healthcare system fraught with problems, Paul Diaz sees opportunities for equity and improvement.  

Kevin Lobo, Chair and CEO, Stryker

Maintaining an innovative mindset as his company matures into a scale organization is a challenge that Kevin Lobo is facing head on.  

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