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TV advertising analytics

Bain Media Lab

Bain Media Lab

Who did we reach? How did they behave? What really works? For years broadcasters and marketers have struggled to answer those questions for the $60+ billion spent on US TV advertising and sponsorships. Bain Media Lab provides the answers.

Bain has teamed with AI pioneer Hive to develop and launch a co-branded product suite in the TV analytics space – bringing an unprecedented level of insight, measurement, and attribution to the TV advertising space.

Bain Media Lab is now enrolling beta users ahead of our official launch. If you’d like to participate, or learn more about how Bain Media Lab’s AI-driven analytics capabilities are poised to transform TV advertising strategies, contact us today.

What Is Bain Media Lab?

What Is Bain Media Lab?

Bain Media Lab includes a self-service, cloud-based platform and custom research services that provide buyers and sellers of TV advertising and sponsorships with enhanced competitive intelligence, actionable insights, and measurement & attribution.

Among its key features are:

  • Massive content data set of linear TV footage, ingesting 10,000+ hours daily from 400+ channels across national, regional, and local feeds
  • Deep learning and computer vision with industry-leading accuracy that places 1B+ daily tags on:
      • TV commercials (brand, specific creative, duration, and other attributes)
      • Content details (program names, content genres, specific people)
      • Brand logos (stadium signage, digital overlays)
  • Real-time set-top box viewership data from more than 12 million U.S. households matched at the individual level with website, location, and payment data to measure the impact of TV advertising on online behavior, store visits, and spend

Key Features at a Glance

Key Features at a Glance

Bain Media Lab covers Super Bowl LIII

The Super Bowl was as important for marketers as it was for the Patriots and the Rams. How did viewership during the game trend? Which commercials achieved the broadest exposure? Which sponsors received the most airtime? Bain Media Lab, our AI-enabled media analytics product suite, brings next-day analysis of this year’s big game in "AI Makes the Call: These Brands Scored in Super Bowl Exposure."

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